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SkyLink is a full service global consolidator offering:

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SkyLink Travel

SkyLink Travel was formed in 1971 in London, England, as Sunbeam Travel Limited, it operated initially as a General Sales Agent and airline ticket consolidator. Mr. Babra, the founder of the company, moved to Canada in 1979 and established SkyLink Canada with its first office in Toronto. On the heels of Toronto's Office success, the first USA office was opened in New York in 1981.

In order to strategically position itself for its next stage of growth SkyLink continued to open new offices across USA and Canada. In 2011 Skylink Travel Inc was bought by the Mondee Group based in Foster City, CA, USA. Mondee provides an exclusive platform for Vendors and Suppliers to load and display their products, promotions and services to travel professionals. Its proprietary software, combined with our family of brands, delivers the most effective management, distribution and control of content to global target markets. Its member companies, North America's leading air consolidators, deliver the best fares and service to travel agencies, tour operators and other distributors. The leading edge TripPro™ technology creates the next generation of private fare distribution by harnessing big data capability, advanced search algorithms and advanced merchandising. Suppliers can feature their best content at the moment of truth, selling value and brand, not just price.

Today, SkyLink Travel can be best described as a forward-looking and innovative travel organization seeking continuous growth opportunities. It is goal oriented and operates on well-defined written and constantly reinforced principles of conducting good business. Its flexibility to adapt itself to current business environments, provides it an edge over traditional travel businesses.

Mission Statement

"To improve our corporate presence and maintain our position as a leading consolidator in North America. Drawing upon the strengths of our people, along with training and technology, we will provide value added service to both our Airline Partners and the Retail Travel Industry."


Our Goal is to continue to be profitable and to be the leading distributor of major airlines in North America. To achieve this by developing a state of the art distribution and marketing system - using experience, technology, innovation and good team work.


SkyLink stays attuned to Travel Agent needs constantly providing:
Fast and reliable access to consolidated fares.
Instant access to additional commission on published sale fares.
Automatic comparison between net fares and sale fares.
Ability to make reservations and ticket using own means.

We can address those needs because we are a technology leader in the Travel Industry, having been the first to develop automated facilities and put net fare information at the Travel Agent's finger tips. Today we give the Travel Agent more on line and off line choices than anyone else in the industry.

The Edge

SkyLink has an elaborate state-of-the art, database feeding information to all the applications dealing with the distribution of over 100 million fares constantly updated.
Mondee has developed a vast range of software solutions to enable travel sales to function efficiently and cost effectively. Mondee's innovative technologies allow all vendor products to come together seamlessly. Initially focused on air transactions, Mondee is rapidly expanding our focus to new categories that will include hotel, cruise and attractions spanning the globe.
Fast and self-service options.
The Most Comprehensive Fare Display.
White label Implementation/API
TripPro technology integrates using Sabre/Amadeus/Apollo/Worldspan GDS
Fares Updated Instantly and directly from the airline source.
Override Commissions:
Earn up to 23% in override commissions.
Available on 90 top airlines.
Ticket using TripPro Self Ticketing tool.
Discounts On Top Airlines!
Subscribe to our website.
Earn TruCash Imagine Reward Loyalty Points.
Commission on leisure products:
Up to 12% Commission on all leisure bookings, including hotels and cars.
Instant Availability.
Automated Process.
Payment on the Web.
Electronic Voucher.
Exclusive Customer Bill of Rights
A "Customer Care" package in which we offer a quick response by staff and management to any issues that may arise.
We promise to give your Agency the four most important factors for your continued growth and success:Quality, Value, Service and Customer satisfaction!
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