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SkyLink expands regional air cargo operations

Click Here!!TORONTO, July 15 /PRNewswire/ - SkyLink Express is pleased to announce that it owns 100% of Cargojet Regional Partnership after acquiring the remaining 55% interest from its partner, Prince Edward Air Ltd. (PEAL), a subsidiary of Cargojet Income Fund (TSX: CJT.UN).

Dan Rocheleau, President of SkyLink Express, says, "This deal with PEAL will make SkyLink Express the largest regional air cargo operator in Canada." Rocheleau adds, "We have a long history in this business and highly qualified management and operations teams, so we are well-positioned to take SkyLink Express through this growth phase and on to greater heights."

Specializing in time-sensitive and cost effective aircraft charter services, SkyLink Express will now operate 21 aircraft daily to locations throughout Canada and the US.

Surjit Babra, CEO of SkyLink Express and Chairman of SkyLink Group, says, "Fifteen years ago, SkyLink identified the potential of this niche market using feeder aircraft under 18,000 lbs. and leveraging SkyLink's cost-effective structure in hub and spoke operations." Babra adds, "This investment is further evidence that we are committed to the Canadian regional air cargo market and continue to believe there are outstanding opportunities for our company. SkyLink has the proven track record to back it up."

The SkyLink Group, in business since 1979 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a successful group of companies also involved in Wholesale Travel, Aircraft Leasing, Airport Security, Software Development and Airline Representation.

SOURCE SkyLink Express Inc.

Canadians pay tributes to Mumbai

Click Here!! Dec 08 - In an unprecedented show of solidarity with India, Canadians and members of the Indian Diaspora came out in large numbers here to pay homage to the victims of the terror attacks in Mumbai.

At a candlelight vigil and solidarity rally Sunday, organised by the Canada-India Foundation along with the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce and more than 70 cultural and ethnic groups, the Canadians pledged support to India in its fight to defeat terrorism.

Prominent leaders, including Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, former Canadian health minister Ujjal Dosanjh, Ontario minister Harinder Takhar, Canada-India Foundation chairman Surjit Babra, MPs, and Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian and Jewish representatives lit candles in memory of the victims.

Terrorists who India says came from Pakistan struck at several places in Mumbai Nov 26 evening, eventually seizing two luxury hotels and a Jewish centre. The nightmare left 172 people dead, including 22 foreigners.

Paying tributes to the victims, Kenney said Canada was committed to standing with India and its people in their fight against terrorists.

He also read a message from his leader Stephen Harper in which the Canadian prime minister pledged all support to a fellow democracy in eliminating terrorism.

Dosanjh said India was one of the most free and secular countries in the world but its freedom and secularism were under attack.

"If India cannot survive as a free and secular country, then there is little hope for the world. But my hope is that India will survive," he said.

"We owe it the victims of the Mumbai terrorist attacks - and before them other victims - to make this world a better place," Dosanjh said.

Indian Consul General Preeti Saran said the Mumbai attacks were part of a larger game plan to hit landmarks in India such as the Taj hotel near the Gateway of India.

The terrorists picked up their targets carefully to spread panic in Mumbai's busy places like hotels, malls and railway stations. The Mumbai mayhem has led to unprecedented public anger in India, she added.

Saran sought support from the international community to eliminate terrorism at its source.

Takhar, minister for small business in Ontario province, said Canadians felt the deep pain of these attacks as "we are deeply connected with India".

He read a message from his premier Dalton McGuinty, who said Canadians stood shoulder to shoulder with Indians in their fight against terrorism

"Mumbai vigil" organiser and Canada-India Foundation (CIF) chairman Surjit Babra concluded the rally by saying: "Let us all join to create a tsunami of peace in the world."

Indian-owned group launches 'fastest' travel search engine

Click Here!! Dec 26, 2007 - SkyLink Travel, which is part of the local SkyLink Group owned by Indo-Canadian Surjit Babra, claims to have created the world's fastest travel search engine, much of whose work was done out of Noida near New Delhi.

Called Skylink Global Booking Engine, it is also North America's largest provider of airfares to travel agencies, chains and consortiums.

Surjit Babra, chairman and CEO of SkyLink Group of Companies, said, ``On our search engine we offer 35 million fares in an instant. When you type out your two travel cities - say from Little Rock to Amsterdam - in an instant this search engine sorts out whether flights are available between these destinations, which airlines operate and what the fares are.

''He said the Global Booking Search Engine was part of the group's expansion into travel and hospitality industry. ``Right now this search engine is available to travel agents who pay us to become members. Fourteen people load the data on it everyday, making us the leader in this area.

''Babra said their Noida-based office was handling much of the work related to the search engine, travel portals and sites, e-fliers and customer calls.

``We have 28 people working there right now, but we need 50. However, the staff attrition rate is a major problem there. Everybody is stealing from everybody else. Just like Air Canada has shifted its operations to Pune, we are also looking at smaller cities such as Chandigarh.

''In the long run, he said, his group will have 500 to 600 people in India other groups source their work to it.

He said he explored the possibility of opening hotels and resorts in India some time ago but the land has become extremely costly. ``As a result, hotel rates are exorbitant. To charge $400 per room is very costly by world standards. That's why we are looking at alternatives - such as Bali, Africa, Latin America, and Dubai. India needs lots of hotel rooms at cheaper rates. Though Indians keep talking about promoting tourism, they have to address logistical problems first. Anyhow, we will soon launch in Canada a plan to promote `retail tours' of India.

''Babra, who has roots in Ludhiana, launched the SkyLink Group of Companies 25 years ago in partnership with Walter Arbib, who is currently the group's president.

With an annual turnover of $330 million in travel and tourism, the group has various wings - SkyLink Aviation, SkyLink Express, SkyLink Air & Logistics, SkyLink Travel, SkyLink Voyages, Tourcan Vacations, Business Travel Network, Payless Travel, and SkyLink Security Systems.

But the group is more famous because of its SkyLink Aviation which is a world leader in carrying food, medicines and peacekeepers to the troubled spots of the world on behalf of the UN.

Not surprisingly, it is profiled in school textbooks in Ontario.

CJC leads Jewish community relief to Pakistani earth quake victims

CJC Dec 08, 2005 - CJC Following the devastating earthquakes that hit Pakistan and India in October, Canadian Jewish Congress was among the thousands of organizations around the world that rushed to the aid of victims.

CJC worked with Walter Arbib, President of Skylink Aviation Corporation, to deliver an emergency shipment of $500,000 worth of desperately needed medical supplies to relief workers and earthquake victims. Skylink was working in partnership on this project with Counterpart International and Medicine for Humanity.

“The dimensions of this catastrophe are almost beyond comprehension,” said CJC National President Ed Morgan. “The loss of human life is a blow that must be felt not only by the citizens of Pakistan, but by the citizens of the world. We cannot stand by and do nothing.”

Arbib said he and his partner Surjit Babra were proud to offer assistance to the government and citizens of Pakistan. “The world we live in grows smaller with every passing day,” he said. “We do not have the luxury of complacency. We do not have the insulation of distance. When disaster strikes we all have a responsibility to do what we can, to assist in whatever way is possible.”

CJC’s Quebec Region also joined a coalition of the Alliance of South Asian Communities (ASAC), the Centre for Research Action on Race Relations, the National Federation of Pakistani Canadians, Pakistan Post, South Asian Observer, Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, All Pakistan Khyber Association of Quebec, the Pakistani Canadian Society of Quebec and the Consul General of Pakistan in Montreal in a press conference to call on Montrealers to give generously and support aid efforts in the devastated regions in Pakistan.

SkyLink Aviation Lands In Oilpatch

Click Here!! April 5, 2007 – SkyLink Aviation, the Canadian company that has gained a global reputation for the rapid deployment of people and oversized cargo to their destination anywhere on the planet, is now poised to offer its services to the Alberta oilpatch.

SkyLink Aviation recently conducted a major airlift of military equipment and personnel from Edmonton International Airport to Afghanistan and across Canada, says Chris Gillanders, SkyLinks western regional manager.

To accomplish this feat, we used the Russian built Antonov AN-124, the worlds largest cargo aircraft with a payload of 120 tons, and charted passenger aircraft. Within a 48-hour request period, SkyLink Aviation arranged for seven passenger aircraft flights and eight Antonov AN-124 flights, and coordinated the logistics of the operation.

Gillanders, a professional commercial pilot and native Albertan, has an extensive background with the infantry of the Canadian Armed Forces. He has spent several years managing international emergency response programs for the United Nations, and global logistics management, in some of the worlds most dangerous and demanding environments.

More recently, Gillanders launched and co-ordinated emergency air and logistics operations during the Tsunami in Indonesia and the earthquake in Pakistan. In the summer of 2006, he co-ordinated helicopter and passenger evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon, for SkyLink.

With SkyLinks successful global track record of getting people and oversized cargo where they need to go -- on time, on budget and safely -- we are well positioned to compete for Albertas oilpatch business, explains Gillanders. We are global leaders in managing transport and logistics projects in the harshest and most inhospitable locations on the planet.

He cited another example. SkyLink Aviation, in conjunction with Airborne Energy Solutions, Nabors and UTair, introduced the first Mi-26, the worlds largest helicopter [capable of lifting and transporting a 20-ton payload] to the Alberta/NWT market. The Mi-26 helped launch a heli-portable drilling and production program effectively expanding the arctic-exploration and drilling window of opportunity in the Mackenzie Valley from 100 to 300 days per year. At SkyLink Aviation, we have the resources, the equipment and the know-how to make big things happen in the western Canadian oil and gas industry.

In western and northern Canada, SkyLink Aviation provides specialized airborne and logistics services for businesses and governments. These global services include oversized global air cargo, transporting oversize oil and gas equipment with heavy lift helicopters, and providing overall project logistics management. SkyLink operates in five market segments in western Canada: oil and gas logistics support; international freight forwarding; corporate and private jet aircraft charters for individuals, governments and corporations -- anywhere in the world; mining logistics support; and environmental monitoring using sophisticated airborne hyper-spectral analysis equipment. SkyLink Aviation Inc. Western Canada is part of SkyLink Aviation Inc, with strategic offices located throughout the world.

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