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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do the tickets show a price?
A: The large majority of net fare tickets show no amounts other than the taxes collected. However, a very few airlines require tickets to show the published fare for the fare basis used. The price paid by your client is always lower then the amount shown.
Q: Can my client contact SkyLink and obtain a price quote?
A: No. Skylink deals exclusively with Travel Agents
Q: Can my client access the reservation through the Web once he has the ticket and see the transaction details?
A: No. Skylinks bars client access to the reservation. The only way to get detains is through the Travel Agency although flight reconfirmation and times may be obtained through the airline reservations office.
Q: Can I have tickets issued on Saturdays?
A: Yes. Our office is open for support and for ticketing on Saturdays between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm EST. However only e-tickets will be released on Saturday.
Q: How do I start working with SkyLink?
A: If it is the first time you deal with SkyLink please press the “WELCOME DESK” option after the telephone prompt and a special agent will guide you through all the steps to work with SkyLink, create your profile and introduce you to our website.


Q: Can I pay by Check?
A: Yes. Agency checks are accepted
Q: Can I pay by Credit Card?
A: Yes. Most airlines accept credit cards for payment of net fares. However AC (Trans-border), AF, AZ, BA, DL (India/Nigeria), IB, KU, LH (Nigeria/Ghana), PK, TP & US require cash payment.
Q: Do I have limits on my mark-up?
A: The following mark-up ceilings/caps on credit card transactions have been imposed by the airlines: FI – Business: $300/Coach: $150, LH - Oct 29-May 24: 35% of Net/May 25-Sep 30: 25% of Net, OK: $200, LX: 30% of Net, ALL other airlines: 25% of Net. Any amount above these caps needs to be charged on SkyLink’s Merchant using a separate MCO.
Q: If the airline does not accept credit cards can I accept my client’s credit card to pay SkyLink?
A: Yes. However, SkyLink charges 4% for usage of its Merchant services.
Q: What documentation is required for Credit Card payment?
A: Credit card Authorization signed by the passenger plus pro of of identity or web approval at:
Q: Can I use a third party Credit Card?
A: No. The Credit Card holder must be in the traveling party.
Q: Can I use my own Credit card to pay for my client?
A: No. The Credit Card holder must be in the traveling party.
Q: Where do I fax the Authorization form?
A: Fax the documents to Skylink issuing regional office.
Q: When do I get my commission check?
A: Commissions are paid on Thursday of the following week.


Q: Are the tickets restricted?
A: Yes. All tickets are restricted and carry a cancellation fee. Some may be non refundable. Make sure you consult the rules associated with each rate before committing to a transaction.
Q: Is there a penalty if I need to change a ticket?
A: In all cases there will be a service charge of $25 USD once tickets are returned. Additional change penalties depend on each individual carrier, booking class and destination. Check the rules associated with the fare you are buying.
Q: Do my clients need to follow special check-in rules?
A: No. Your clients shall keep in mind that airlines require a minimum of one (1) hour before departure for domestic check-in and at least two (2) hours for international check-in.
Q: Do my clients have luggage limitations?
A: Yes. Most airlines limit the number of pieces to two (2) checked and one (1) carry-on. The checked pieces may not exceed 62 linear inches, total of Length + Height + Width, or 50 pounds in weight and the carry-on is limited to 9" x 14" x 22" (maximum 45 linear inches) or 40 pounds in weight. Airlines have the right to impose further restrictions. Please check with airline before counseling your passengers.


Q: Do these tickets qualify for mileage programs as normal tickets do?
A: Yes. Your clients may accumulate mileage if they are already enrolled or may join a new mileage program at the time of check-in.
Q: Can accumulated mileage be used to buy a consolidated ticket?
A: No. Accumulated miles are redeemable through the airline only.


Q: How do I access SkyLink website?
A: Our website is protected from the general public so only Travel Agents can access it. You need to subscribe to the site by filling in and submitting the registration form.
Q: Where do I find the registration form?
A: At Click on ‘New Member” answer the required questions and click on “Submit”. That’s all!
Q: How do I resolve a problem with SkyLink website?
A: Please press option “1” after the telephone prompt to be directed to our support desk.


Q: Can I make reservations on my GDS and transfer them to SkyLink for ticketing?
A: Yes. For more instructions please go to our website and click on “TransferLink”.
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